About Us

Salonati.com is your online salon community to access information about any salon near you!

Who are we? 

Salonati.com is a salon discovery service with content provided by and delivered to the local community. Salonati.com lists salons provided by people with information on treatments, costs, location, and ratings & reviews to help you choose your perfect treatment. Once you join our beauty community, those bad hair days will be gone for good. Salonati will keep you up-to-date on the latest beauty trends and salons in town.

Through our market research, we found that several online salon communities focus on the aspect of booking appointments virtually. 

What makesSalonati.com different is its Users!

Salonati focuses on interaction amongst users by sharing their personal experience on salons via their online reviews and ratings. It’s a small world – of beauty.

Similar to reviews on hotels, food, travel destinations, we want you to get the most of the salon world!

Salonati helps you choose your perfect beauty salon/treatment based on your criteria.

    -    On a tight budget?Find your salons and check their prices.

    -    New to the neighborhood and not sure where to get your nails done? Filter by location

    -    Need the perfect makeover for your getaway? Filter by ratings!

We have not forgotten our Salons!

Salons can advertise through Salonati.com for an opportunity to grow their business.