Dropping These 2016 Trends could be Part of Your New Year Resolution

Posted on December 18, 2016, 6:47 pm

Each year, new beauty trends are born in social media and red carpet events. These new trends have become more about expressing singularity rather than achieving the best possible look to enhance a woman's natural beauty. 2016 has definitely been the year of the beauty trends that go wildly out of the mainstream. Some of these trends even generate feelings of confusion instead of admiration. And make you wish they vanish as 2016 comes to a closer, because you either fail to understand their philosophy of beauty, or you simply feel uncomfortable. Here is a short list of beauty trends that must disappear before 2017 arrived.  

Furry Nail-Art


Furry Nail Art

Courtesy of Instagram @sfnailart

Unless it is part of a Halloween costume, this trend is unquestionably not a beauty material. One cannot call animal nails beautiful, right?

The Faux Freckles Trend


Faux Freckles Trend

Courtesy of Instagram @twigmakeup

The faux freckles trend is somehow interesting for that it celebrates what has been perceived as skin imperfection as a criterion of beauty. Suddenly, every beauty blogger is trading the smooth porcelain skin look for temporary freckles because they find them adorable.  The idea that this trend is achieved through applying stencils on the face makes it feel industrial and disturbing.   

Succulent Nail-Art


Succulent Nail Art

Courtesy of Instagram @arozona

There is no doubt that this botany inspired beauty trend is beautiful and dreamy. The colors of the tiny succulent flowers look very fresh and alive. However, let's us admit that having living plants glued to your nails is a bit too extreme for everyday life. Maybe it could work for a science fiction show.

The Waist Trainer


Waste Trainer

Claudia Alende

If there was ever a prize for the worst beauty trend of 2016, it should go straight to this crazy one. Being endorsed by celebrities like Kim Kardashian does not change the fact that this trend is not only senseless and uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous to women health. The damage that is done by the metal corset to the body is pretty scary as it is often permanent. Many women wear it up to 10 hours a day, which causes the internal organs to change positions because they are crammed together. Organs like kidneys and gallbladder are squeezed upward as the rib-cage pushes against the liver. Hopefully, knowing about these damages will help this trend to fade.

The 100 Layers of Nail Polish Trend


100 Layers Nail Polish Trend.jpg

Courtesy of Instagram @cuteynails4

  This beauty trend is not only a waste of good nail polish, but it is also ridiculously disturbing and time-consuming. It takes 14 hours to build this hideous polish mountain, because every coat needs time to dry before the next one can be applied. Honestly, I do even understand how this weird trend became a sensation in social media.

Overdone Eyebrows


Overdone Eyebrows

Courtesy of Instagram @browgame

This beauty trend may not be as risky as waist-trainers, yet they can cause another kind of harm. There is nothing wrong with thick eyebrows, especially if they are perfectly groomed like Kate Middleton's. But this unflattering vinyl-looking overly sculpted eyebrows would make anyone with an eye for beauty cringe. It feels more like a plastic surgery that went wrong or, in best scenarios, a theatrical material that should not be sported as an everyday look.

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