Pick of the Month: A day at the De La Mer Spa in Dubai

Posted on November 30, 2016, 6:49 pm

I went the other day to spoil myself with a Morrocan Hammam Treatment at the De La Mer Spa in Dubai. I strolled into the Hammam area which led to a room with a shower and a steaming sauna alongside a massage bed. The cleansing ritual began with a body steaming. In about 10 minutes steaming stopped and I had my body washed with water and a special black colored cleanser was rubbed all over my body. A special black soap was applied all over my body by a spa professional, though the soap wasn’t applied on the face due to its properties.

De La Mer Spa Dubai - Bath

After that, I was taken back into the steam room. Though the steam was high this time, it was still bearable. I remained for about 12 mins so that my skin pores would completely open giving the black cleanser a chance to work efficiently in rejuvenating my skin which was the primary reason for this entire treatment

The spa assistant then started to scrub my skin. During this procedure, the dead skin from my body would come off, and I could feel it and notice it!!! You can also choose a scrubbing intensity from low, medium or high. 

De La Mer Spa Dubai - Massage

The procedure finishes off with a body wash using a shower gel, leaving you with fresh-smelling, soft and smooth skin

Body and face moisturizers were also provided after the treatment. They smelled so heavenly! 

My skin had never been this soft and smooth; my scarring has lessened a bit yet what I adored the most was that my skin tone had turned out to be even and fairer which had most of my friends’ attention. 

De La Mer Spa Dubai - Massage

Here are a few more details for you:

Place: De La Mer Day Spa - Jumeira Road – Dubai

Treatment: Moroccan Hammam 

Price: 150 Dhs 

Duration: 60 mins 

Would I recommend to others? HIGHLY 

Best for: Acne prone/scarred skin/ Hyper- pigmentation skin/ Dry skin

Not advised for: Sensitive skin 

Recommended Spa Professional: Len (She's the BEST! She made me feel so comfortable and she's really friendly)

Will I visit again? YES, ABSOLUTELY 

Spa Ambience Rating: 4 out 5 

Staff rating: 4 out 5 

Dhabya AlShaikh

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