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    Makeup Trends This Winter: From Minimalist Look to Gothic Lipstick, 6 face makeup styles that will be big this winter
    Published on January, 22 2017
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    Let’s be honest! Winter is not the perfect season to flatter your skin complexion. The fact that the skin loses its ability to retain moisture when exposed to the cold weather makes it very hard for women to be excited about the latest makeup trends. However, you should be excited about this Winter trends because they are different from what you have seen before. There is a lot of bold statement m
    Dropping These 2016 Trends could be Part of Your New Year Resolution
    Published on December, 18 2016
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    Each year, new beauty trends are born in social media and red carpet events. These new trends have become more about expressing singularity rather than achieving the best possible look to enhance a woman's natural beauty. 2016 has definitely been the year of the beauty trends that go wildly out of the mainstream. Some of these trends even generate feelings of confusion instead of admiration. And m
    Celebrating National Day in Dubai? Here are few things you can do
    Published on December, 01 2016
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    The 45th UAE National Day falls on December 2nd, 2016. This day marks the unification of the seven Emirates and founding of the United Arab Emirates in 1971 under his Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan...
    Pick of the Month: A day at the De La Mer Spa in Dubai
    Published on November, 30 2016
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    I went the other day to spoil myself with a Morrocan Hammam Treatment at the De La Mer Spa in Dubai. I strolled into the Hammam area which led to a room with a shower and a steaming sauna alongside a massage bed...
    Two Missteps to Avoid When You Want Healthy, Glowing Skin
    Published on October, 20 2016
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    When you are trying to get your skin to look as healthy and beautiful as possible, there are certain things that you want to both do and avoid. 
    Getting Back to Nature
    Published on May, 03 2016
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    As we’re stripping back our eating habits and removing processed foods from our diets, we’re thinking more about what goes on our bodies as well as in them. Using natural products on our skin not only ensures we’re protecting it from chemicals, but we can also save money. Here are our top five must haves for a natural skincare regime.
    Summer Time
    Published on April, 28 2016
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    You’ve packed away your winter woollies, exfoliated and moisturised to perfection, but this season’s new clothes are like cupcake without the icing if you haven’t got the right colours in your make-up kit. Get ready for the brightest looks fresh from the catwalks, which feature bold eyes, strong brows and vampish lips, with styles to suit every taste. Here are five of the new trends you’ll love to
    24 Quick & Easy Hairstyles To Do
    Published on April, 25 2016
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    For many of us we don’t have a lot of time to get that perfect look each morning.  As a result we tend to play it safe with our hairstyles, sticking to what we know. However, what that does is leave us looking the same morning, noon and night. 
    Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Skin And Hair
    Published on April, 25 2016
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    Can you have clearer and smoother skin? Can you also have silkier and more voluminous hair? Yes, absolutely! And you can have this without spending thousands of dollars. 
    Pamper Yourself with 6 Exotic Beauty Treatments in Dubai
    Published on April, 25 2016
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    Dubai has a comprehensive range of spa treatments that can help you indulge in a world of exotic pampering experience, from super cheap quick fixes to pleasurable experiences. The price of treatments varies from affordable to high depending on the experience and treatment you choose to go for. Here's our pick of the city's top exotic treatments.