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Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together the most common questions sent to Salonati.com and answered them as best we can. We hope they help with the one that's niggling you...

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General enquiries
What is Salonati.com?

Salonati.com is the online destination for beauty and wellness professionals and clients. Professionals can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and build their business.

Does Salonati.com provides Online Booking?

Not for the time being. But, Salonati.com provides the means to Salon Owners to show their contact details to customer through our website to facilite offline bookings

How can I find out more about Salonati.com?

Check out our About Us page to find out more about our platform. If you still need more details, you can send your enqueries through our Contact US page

What is Salonati.com Blog?

Salonati.com Blog is platform intended to our customers to share their words on beauty and their experiences

As a customer, How can I benefit from Salonati.com?

Salonati.com helps our customers to explore the services and offers provided by our salon partners. In addition, they can share their online profiles and blogs on the web to boost their community and social life

As a Salon/Business Owner, How can I benefit from Salonati.com?

Being part of Salonati.com Network allows owners to grow their businesses by improving market exposures among customers and social media. For more information, please check Partnership Page

As a Salon/Business Owner, How can I be part of Salonati.com Network?

Salonati Management System is our business portal for our partners where they can register, get listed and self-manage their profiles online. For more information, please check Partnership Page

Privacy Information
What is important to know?

We do respect our clients privacy!

We only use non-identity user behavior to improve your experience, and we use 3rd party trusted tools to help us provide you the best. And we allow our customers to control the privacy of their profiles

For more details, please check our Privacy Policy

Does Salonati.com use Cookies? And how it is being used?

Cookie is world wide accepted technology that helps applications to perform what it is supposed to do. We use secured cookies information to make our application great for your usage

Cookies help our 3rd party tools to analyze our application behavior to support our development enhancements

As a customer, can I change my privacy settings?

Yes, please check the privacy settings in your account

What is Location Based Services?

It is a technology supported in wide range of devices and browsers that helps applications use your location to provide you the best experience. It is upto our customer to enable or disable this feature from their devices

Things you shuold know as customer and business owner

Salonati.com is a community platform that focuses on beauty and lifestyle trends and service providers!

What content is accepted or not accepted?

As per our Terms and Conditions, we do accept any content that serve the purpose of our the platform as far as (but not limited to):

  • Does not represent any political view or pornography
  • Does not cause direct or indirect harm to our clients, our partners and/or 3rd parties (either by using bad words or false/fake reviews or opinions)
  • Does not cause direct or indirect harm to Salonati.com Network and platform
Does Salonati.com Team validate the content?

We do our best to provide our stakeholders the most updated and authentic content.

If you have enquiries or you want to report unsuitable content, please dont hesitate to contact us